Saturday, March 21, 2015

Class Pet

Who knew the power of a class pet? 
(Obviously not this previous middle school teacher) 

My weekend trip ended with a visit to only the greatest store in America, IKEA. Of course the only thing I purchase is a stuffed animal for my classroom pet! 

When I introduced "Queenie" to the class, I saw more sparkle coming from their faces than from a diamond. 

In conjunction with ClassDojo, Queenie made quite an impact on my little ones. 

Whoever receives the most classdojo points in a week's time, gets the privilege of taking care of Queenie. Queenie gets to go everywhere, except outside. 

I now have 16 little bodies wanting to do everything in their power to achieve dojo points. Fantastic behavior? Can't complain here! 

Thank you to the makers of Classdojo ... and stuffed animals. :) 

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