Saturday, February 28, 2015


I HAVE to share one of my FAVORITE planning online tools. 

Drumroll …

If you have never heard of Planbook, head on over to their site and sign up for ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL.

 I fell in love the first month so of course I had to purchase for the entire year.

This site has SAVED my life!

 Teaching a multiage class requires me to plan for 3 grade levels and that means 3 grade levels to differentiate learning.

Take a {LOOK} inside my Planbook.

Here is a view of all of the classes I created.
I set up each part of my day as a different class. Administration LOVES this because they are able to see your schedule so easily with the different colors. (You can Choose!)

Once you have all of your classes ready to go, you can start planning. Each class will allow you one lesson. It comes with options to add the lesson,homework, notes, and standards. 

The adding standards option is my favorite! You pick your grade level, select subject area, and voila … standards galore! No more tedious typing of standards. 

 Here is what your Planbook will look like once all of your lessons are plugged into each class.

Planbook gives you the option of sharing your plans with co-workers, administration, or students! You can set up certain views for your audiences. 

One of the best things about Planbook, is that it saves all of your plans in one space. You can view year, after year, after year. Print into a PDF and place in your Lesson Plan Binder for handy access throughout your day! is not associate with this blog post. Blogging because {$12.00} a year is hard to beat for a great planning tool! 

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