So ... looking back at last year's classroom pictures make me want to cry. I ask myself, what was I thinking? 

Seriously, what was I thinking? 

I am THRILLED to show you my new {4th Grade} classroom
and hopefully don't say the same next year about my classroom this year.

So if you totally don't care to read this whole post, here's a 15 second video! 

Now entering ... MonSTAR LAND.

Okay, so maybe not a good name for my room.

 I was inspired by Amy Groesbeck. (If you don't know who she is, stop, and go look her up.) She is simple amazing.

My fabulous friend makes the pencils (for $25) and will ship!

As I was making the title for my student work wall, which I only cried twice putting up, I decided Monstar and masterpieces needed to come together thus creating ... MonSTARpieces. 

This whole PDSA board is new to me. I'm hoping I get it figured out before December. 
All the ugly blank space is for anchor charts. 

Something will eventually go up on this board before school starts. I'll let you know when I figure that out. 

Here is my teacher table/desk/something that will be unorganized in three weeks. 
and yes, that TV is super small and super high. 

Love and live by whole brain teaching! 
I am super sad I do not have a promethean board this year, I'll just cry a couple more times and get over it. I do have a projector and a memo board, which is basically a DIY promethean board. 

My classroom rug is suppose to go right in front of this board ... it's still being ordered. 

Reading Center 
My library is organized by genres, because who really has the time and patience to level books? 
If you do, you're a saint. 

Don't you just love these letters? Again, Amy Groesbeck. Here's a link to her TpT store. 

Here's that PDSA board again ... I'm obviously super excited. 

Say hello to our monster friends peeking in through the windows. 
I love them. 

and more space for anchor charts. 

Yay! Daily 5. I am super excited to start Daily 5 this year. I have 5 groups and 5 rotations.
 Check out my set up here: Daily 5 Editable Rotation Chart

Gallon Man. Saving everyone's day. 

If a child can do it, they do it. 

Our birthday chart is located under the bag. I hate when birthdays take up so much space. Don't get me wrong, birthdays are GREAT, but I would rather save the space for something else. Check out my birthday display here

and GO TEAM COLUMBIA. I already LOVE my school and haven't even started yet. 

Can't forget about the 7 habits. Have you ever looked up the 7 habits on Youtube? 
Please do that now. 

 Again, Amy Groesbeck.

The end ... you can find me outside, where I will be enjoying the rest of the summer.



I am teaching at a Title One school in New Mexico!
 Working with a room that is the size of a walk in closet. (but that's okay because the kids are GREAT!)

Front View

Back View

 Student Mailboxes

Teaching a Multiage Class comes with lots and lots and LOTS of centers. Majority of our learning is done through guided groups. Each center the students are able to work cooperatively and independently  while groups are being pulled. 

I placed fabric to cover up the bookshelf storage area that runs across 3 quarters of my classroom. 

Reading Center

My students LOVE these bins. 
Note - do not use cloth fabric.
 As you can see we had a little accident on one of the seats! 

Writing Center

To show the writing process, students who are editing get to wear the (burger king) or princess crown.

In the multi colored bins you will find paper for different writing genres. 
Comic Strips
Themed Paper 

Each day students write an entry into their Draw and Write Journal. 

My classroom is FILLED with tons of technology, from iPads to Mac Books. Headphones are a MUST for center work. This has been the easiest way to keep headphones detangled and in great condition. 

 My classroom has an underlining sports theme. To show off student work we have created a HALL OF FAME! 

Bins (from dollar tree) to hold interactive math notebooks.

Can't forget about our favorite friends. It amazes me how often students use anchor charts! 

This shoe holder has been a TREMENDOUS help! Before, I had bins of markers on each table. Since we do not do whole group art, the students can access all of the art materials right next to the art center!  

Although this looks just for play, students utilize the home center to create menus, conduct businesses, and work on social interactions. 
Home Center

I like to start the year off reading "How Full Is Your Bucket?" All year students share stories with others about their buckets! 

Instead of a teacher's desk (which will inevitably get cluttered) , I placed a small bookshelf behind my guided table for all of the things I need throughout the day. This helped cut down on wasteful space in my classroom! 

Oh, and Christmas lights ALL YEAR is a must! 

Smart Cookie Math is a recent favorite. I have never seen students SO excited to learn math facts! Each level students pass they get to put a cookie in their jar! (you would think they are real!) You can check out Smart Cookie Math by visiting Teacher's Pay Teachers! 

At each center there are signs parents, administrators and other teachers can read to fully understand the process of multiage! 

 As you exit you will see student birthdays! Next year I will definitely laminate the pictures so they don't get torn! 

Hope you enjoyed my classroom tour! Until next year … 


  1. Love your theme!!! Did you get the 7 habits posters from Amy Groesbeck, too?? I've been trying to find some that are editable/age appropriate for my 6th graders but haven't had any luck!!

    1. Thank you! You aren't allowed to sell them on TpT due to copyright, but I can share mine with you. Email me and I'll send them to you!

    2. I would also LOVE to see your 7 habits posters as well if you would be willing to share them with me! My e-mail is Your room looks awesome!

    3. I would love them too if your still willing to share!!!

    4. Can you share them with me too? I hear there's an 8th habit now

  2. Hi! Did you make the "Monstarpieces" display? Meaning the letters? Thanks!

  3. Hello! What size font did you print your "Learners today, Leaders tomorrow"?

  4. Would love to hear/see what your pdsa board looks like when complete. Alea.crosby@wilmington.k12.oh.ud

  5. What has been your favorite grade to teach thus far? I also teach 4th, but I always wonder if I would like teaching a lower grade.

  6. Different idea for junior school teachers to get maximum attention of students as there can hardly be any student who has difficulty falling in love with variety of colours.beautifully decorated class rooms. hope kids enjoy studying there.

  7. Wow well, structure & post is so unique. My brother is now in training period in art Programs in NJ. So I always want to know these types of post & share him for his betterment in future. I am always waiting for your post. Keep it dear for always. Thank you.

  8. Do you still have the class meeting powerpoint? And the 7 habits?