Monday, October 3, 2016



As the students came in from lunch, there was a sign projected on the board ... 
Instant engagement. 

I became a leprechaun who needed help estimating skittles for my party. Together we graphed our estimations. After we graphed, students got to open up and count how many were actually in their bag. Then we graphed the actual amount per bag. 
(We are writing letters because we are really upset there isn't the same amount of skittles in each bag!)  

Students went back to their seats and graphed the individual colors using a bar graph.

Group discussions.

At the end we took it a couple of steps further and combined all of our class data!


Click here to download our skittles graphing recording form.

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  1. haha! i love the way you made graphing so fun for your students to follow, you should get the teacher of the year award haha p.s nice blog content and blog looks good too.