Friday, April 17, 2015

Dinosaur Egg Hunt Continued

A {tad} bit late with this post. 

Quick recap:

We had a DINOSAUR EGG HUNT where my little paleontologists went to work. After carefully finding each egg, students found the dinosaur they would research inside.  
 (See previous DINOSAUR post!)

After students found the dinosaur they would research in our DINO EGG HUNT,  they started their research!
Having a classroom set of ipads and Macbooks made this VERY easy. However, this could be set up as center work or during computer lab.  
  1. I bookmarked, to each ipad. 
  2. Modeled what I wanted to see on each page.
  3. Handed out the "ALL ABOUT ______" Packet and let the students begin their research.

Download the packet each student completed {HERE}

The students LOVED this activity and you can now locate our dinosaur books in the reading corner. (which are read more often than the actual books)


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