Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dino Fun

We had a visitor come to our classroom this weekend and leave us a surprise. 

Hearing the things my little Paleontologists thought could be in the eggs made me laugh. They each illustrated and wrote their prediction.  Find the recording sheet HERE!
We patiently awaited to see the content of the eggs. 

Finally ... on Wednesday night the eggs cracked opened! 

Who knew dinosaurs would come out of giant yellow easter eggs? 

After predicting, they were able to compare it to what was actually inside of the eggs. 

"I thought dinosaurs were dead, Ms. Humphrey" 
Oh to be 5 years old again! 

Continuing our unit on dinosaurs we completed this writing prompt and craft. Download this FREEBIE at my TpT store!

We ended our Easter Weekend with none other than a Easter dinosaur egg hunt. 
As the kids became paleontologists, they carefully walked around handling each egg with care. They could pick up as many little eggs as they could find, but only ONE big egg. Inside each of the big eggs were pieces of paper with dinosaur names.
This is the dinosaur they will research next week! 

Stay tuned for next weeks dinosaur fun! 

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